A Secured Loan is a loan where the borrower he will pledges for some asset which is used as Collateral. In this type product they will be sanctioning loan process for personal & commercial use.
Attractive Interests Rates.

• Member of the SAYA NIDHI LIMITED
• Holding either single account or joint account with other family members’ viz., father, mother, wife, son or daughter with regular source of income.
• Individuals who may be employed/self-employed in business having regular income.
• Permanent employee of Central/State/Defence//Public or Joint Sector Undertaking/ reputed firms/established Educational Inst/Professional/Businessmen having regular income.

• Up-gradation, renovation and extension of residential property.
• Medical, emergency expenditure for maintenance of family.
• To meet the Wedding Expenditure.
• Major Surgical operation.
• For expansion of your existing business or begin a dream venture.
• Meeting any other genuine need as may be specified by the Borrower and agreed to by the Lender.
• Planning to start a small Business.